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  1. I have painted the bases of some of my pieces with an engobe and am curious if it will stick to a kiln shelf. Also can I stack pieces that have been painted with an engobe?
  2. Hi! Does anyone know of an underglaze, other than mayco stoke and coat, that doesn’t need a clear glaze overtop to make it food safe?
  3. Thank you, this is what I was thinking of doing but just didn't know if I could do it over a glaze.
  4. Yes it has glaze on it, and I am looking to do a silkscreen technique over the glaze. The second firing was to a cone five. I would like it to be food safe if possible.
  5. Morning! I am looking to try a third-firing technique for added layers and details. Should I use an underglaze like amaco velvet OR an Engobe. I know they are very similar but what would be the difference in this situation? Thanks!
  6. I am looking to do so something like this, but I want color (glaze) underneath, not just raw clay.
  7. I was hoping to make my own screens, is there something I can use as an overglaze that isn't pre-made?
  8. I am interested in silkscreening over a colored glaze and was wondering what I should use as the medium. I was thinking engobe, but not sure if that would work. Also, would I have to do a third firing or could I do it all in the second firing?
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