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  1. Yeah, the scent of campfire has filled up my whole house.
  2. I recently did my first experimental pit firing, most of my piece survived, but they are super smelly. I used a paste wax to buff and varnish the surface, but the smell is still intoxicatingly strong. Is there something that I can use or do to reduce the scent when they go into the gallery?
  3. Definitely, they’re a nice product. Most of the work I’ve done on them are foot pedal switches because the students tear them up.
  4. Yeah, I’ve found the replacement mounts online. I plan on gutting it, doing a rust treatment, repainting it, changing all of the old rusted out bolts and putting it all back together. I’m the student lab technician on campus and have done quite a lot of work on Brent Model Bs, but this old Shimpo is much different. I really like this old rk2, it has definitely seen a lot, but they don’t make em like they used to.
  5. Thank you so much. I’ll have to try that the next time I’m throwing!
  6. Hey everybody, I’m having trouble with my Shimpo. It was given to me by my college because it was sitting in a corner collecting dust. it runs, but it definitely needs new motor mounts and some work underneath. my main concern is that it isn’t running in the forward mode or counterclockwise, instead it’s running clockwise in reverse and forward. the parts number for the is tanac006232-rk2, but the part has been discontinued seeing as though the wheel was manfactured some time between the late 60s and mid 70s. Is there any way to resolve this issue through soldering, as a student in undergrad I don’t have the money for a new wheel, but I have two hands ready to get dirty. thank you for your time, Ry.
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