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  1. Hey guys, due to the pandemic and because I don’t have a kiln at home, I’m bisque firing my pottery with wood in a barrel and I’d like to know if you have any tips to reduce the porosity of the pieces after they are fired, should I pass some type of wax or something like that? I'm not glazing them.
  2. Hey guys, I'm going to try a saggar firing in a can kiln with wood, so I was wondering what is the best way: I have the option to make the saggar pots with aluminum foil or paper clay, what you guys think would be better? What are the ups and downs of both ways? And thanks for the help.
  3. Got it, here's the photos, but now that I saw that lady's technique I think I'm gonna try that way.
  4. Wow, beautiful results! I think I'm going to try it then. Thank you!
  5. Hey guys, so tomorrow I'll make a kiln with oil can (yes it's already washed) and pit firing, I'm trying to post a pic of it but the forum sucks at uploading it, so I'll try to explain: The idea is to dig a hole on the ground where I'm going to put the fire (wood and sawdust, and yes, there's room for the oxygen to get in), then I'll put a grill over it where pieces are going to be placed, I'll also put sawdust on them with some wood, then the oil can will be put over them to isolate the heat. That's my idea, what do you guys think? Will it work? Also, there's a hole on the top of the ca
  6. Oh that's great, good luck with it! There's so many options now that I'm kind of lost, I think I'm gonna try everything lol. Thank you for the help btw.
  7. I have a gas kiln like that but it's in São Paulo, I'm in the country in my parents house due to Corona virus, and here I can't find ceramic fibre anywhere...
  8. Oh I don't want to ruin my dad's BBQ, it would be sad and he would kill me lol. Gotta try something else then, any suggestions? Considering that I'm in the country (I live in a small town in Brazil) and here doesn't have a place that sells "pottery stuff" to make a proper kiln, so...?
  9. That's sad... Well, think I gotta try something else. Thanks!
  10. Even if it is in a BBQ like the one in the picture? It's made of brick, that's why I thought it would work.
  11. Hmm I thought about it but I didn't know if it would workout, I'm going to try it next time. And no, I don't have a thermometer... And thank you for the help!
  12. It's a pit, actually it's in my barbecue grill lol, I'm trying to make it work as a pit. And I don't think it got hot enough.
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