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  1. @Stephen @Mark C. @GEP Thank you all, I appreciate the perspectives. I think you're talking about a different business model than what I'm dealing with.... your advice is possibly more relevant to the model of a self employed ceramic artist who is trying to "find their niche" In regards to my community studio, I was in the "trough of sorrow" and was content to hustle through the tough times... that's not the problem actually. The problem is the gigantic sink hole that just opened up below my "trough" that is taking my financial buffer down with each rent payment. I read a bit o
  2. @GEP Thank you so much for chiming in! It's a bit of a funny situation, but I actually ran a full-fledged Kickstarter campaign only 6 months ago (https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/224204011/desert-sun-ceramics-a-creative-oasis) in October 2019 and we raised $16,000 to buy 5 more wheels and upgrade our space so we could offer more lucrative wheel throwing classes (totaling 10 students so that I could hire an instructor). Covid is hitting my business just as I finished doing all the upgrades necessary to get my new class schedule up and running and hire instructors. Running a crowdfundi
  3. Thank you all for the thoughtful responses and ideas @neilestrick thank you for sharing your experience. I am glad to hear your situation is a bit more stable, and I wish you the best in making it through to the other side! My business is set up in a similar way, with diverse sources of income... classes, memberships, gallery sales, art shows, personal art sales on main street, but the combined income has been cut by about 80% and even if I resume my private memberships, I won't make enough to pay myself for probably another year. Unfortunately, I have debts and bills to keep up with so I
  4. My small (10-20 member) community ceramics studio has been closed for a month and a half now, with rent and other bills piling up and no financial relief from the government. Is there anyone else out there who is struggling to manage a community studio because of Covid? As far as government relief goes, I'm basically in the government's blind spot. My business is a Single Member LLC, so the Payroll Protection Program is based on my net income from 2019. However, my studio has only been in operation for 1.5 years and I reinvested nearly all of my earnings last year into doubling my f
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