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  1. Yeahhhhhhh that was it. Those moments when you have to ask for help on the internet and then feel really stupid when you find out what it was.
  2. Also if there's any good keywords to search for I'm happy to try and do my own research but whenever I search for words I think are relevant I just get either electric pottery wheels for sale or car motor related results.
  3. I think you're on the right track that my issue is really that I don't get the pivot motion. I have a little video here of my trying to push down on the lever to no effect https://www.dropbox.com/s/yketnjmep0wj4s4/20200422_170033.mp4?dl=0. I see where it is supposed to pivot and I can pry it open with my hands, but the lever only seems to make the coil move back and forth. Since I'm not an electrics guy I didn't try prying it open while it was plugged in just to be on the safe side.
  4. Turn on but also maybe connect with the wheel. When I saw it run when I picked it up I saw how you push down on the lever and it moved the motor to make contact with the wheel and started spinning. Now when I have it connected to the frame it seems like pushing on the lever doesn't move it or turn it on. I see some movement on the spring but nothing major (in the picture above the spring I'm seeing is the coil between the cable and the clamp on the outside)
  5. Hi! I had just bought myself a used pottery wheel, a Thomas Stuart kick wheel just like in the image with the motor attachment and everything. When I originally picked it up the owner showed me how the motor worked, but as I am reassembling the wheel in my backyard I can't get the motor to work. Any help or suggestions would be super appreciated since I really know nothing about motors! Happy to take pictures or anything else. Thanks for reading, Noah
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