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  1. The activities I have created for my ceramic high school students (without clay) during this time is; developing skills to be creative, curious, seek questions, acquire ideas & play. Learning Target; Artists are Innovative & creative; students viewed a Ted Talk https://www.ted.com/talks/janet_echelman_taking_imagination_seriously?language=en Learning Target; I can be creative, I had students explore you-tube sites of making sculptures with what they had in the house, Tin foil is great, I had students take pictures and send them to me. Most creative, pieces of bread, dry spaghetti and a gummy bear, birthday cards standing up to form a star, fruit. Learning Target; Analyze visual art; I had students read 2 different explanation of Nighthawks compare them then find a parody of it. Asked students how they have been creative. Learning Target; determine messages communicated by an image; Presented a power point of 5 artworks that have been created in response to virus (kept it positive) had students look at images respond, then read what it was about, many were surprised by the intent and meaning. Students then took their own pictures and shared what their intent was.
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