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  1. Hello everyone, I also am a high school ceramics teacher -25+ years-no clay to take home for students-and same.....was going to use The Great Pottery Throwdown.... but as we know....so I have taken your suggestions and info and created some lessons from it and our curriculum director just shared this wonderful site with me that is on Youtube. It is Artrageous with Nate. It is awesome. Go under Videos at the top and you will find a plethora of wonderful information. The videos are the perfect length and are in all art content areas. I am going to use the Pizza box one - it is very cool. But there are so many of them-Dali, Warhol, etc. Another short little video I found is LorienStern.com. Google that and then go to ABOUT and hit the video. I think the high school age will enjoy this one. I also gave them a Google Slideshow of any student projects that I have taken pics of and then had them critique the one that stood out to them. I compiled all the critiques and emailed them to the respective student that made the project. They enjoyed that too. So, just some more ideas- we are all in this together. Good luck !
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