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  1. Thanks so much. You always have some great advice/direction. this would be on functional pottery? What makes it not good for that?
  2. Does anyone believe Darvan 811 might help at all?
  3. It did it at almost any second dip. 1-3 seconds coated it pretty thick.
  4. Thank you all for your help. I love this place!
  5. I did use Gerstley Borate for Gillespie Borate.
  6. https://glazy.org/recipes/11501 I need a little help. I used the above recipe to make a cone 6 glaze. Problem I have it’s that it dries super fast and goes on way to thick when dipping. When I try to wipe some off it flakes off in huge chunks. The specific gravity is that 1.39.
  7. Hi all. Am having trouble with pinholes. I am using some commercial glazes and one glaze I mixed up from a recipe I found online. I clean my pieces very well before I glaze. I allow to dry before glazing, and leave them covered until glazing. I believe maybe it could be my one glaze recipe, or perhaps it could be the firing. I rent a space and the owner does the firings. He will not let anyone else fire and he blames all defects on you or your pots. Any help is so much appreciated. I am attaching a photo of a bad example of a glaze with a pinhole I got this firing.
  8. You guys are great! Thank you for that information! @Min @neilestrick @Dick White
  9. Hi there! I am wondering if someone could help me with converting this formula to use a different Feldspar. Possibly give me a good explanation as well.
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