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  1. Oh man. I was so confident in switching the relay but the elements are a different story okay I’ll order the parts today and try my best. I’ll let you know when and if it was successful! Thanks again!
  2. No I agree with you. So just to make sure i got this right, I would be replacing the relay box? The little black box that all the wires are connected to?
  3. Do you think it’s even worth it to replace it? On the paragon kiln
  4. Hi again guys! I got my ohm meter the other day and just wanted to update you all on what’s been happening. I checked today to see what the relays measure (not sure if that’s the correct term) but I got a reading of 7 each time I checked. @Bill Kielb I know you said if it measured 7 I need to replace it. So I will be looking into that. i also wanted to ask you guys for your opinion on Olympic kilns. I found a good deal on that brand and I see a lot of good reviews about the medallion series. Does anyone have any experience with those?
  5. I think overall I’ve come to the conclusion of investing in a better kiln, one that’s a little bigger and should last longer. All of the advice has been great and I appreciate it so much but this kiln seems to be problematic from the start. I just don’t have the knowledge or the resources to properly fix it and even if I did idk if it would be worth it.
  6. I bought the kiln brand new from a company, I just bought it at a discounted price. The power cord was left the same and it’s also on its own circuit. I bought the ohm meter from amazon so I’m just waiting for it to come. I can’t really get anyone out here right now (New York is on lockdown til May 15th). I did look at a lot of videos on YouTube about how to check things so I’ll try my best to test and check things.
  7. Hey again! at around 700 degrees things started to glow. And it looks like the top and bottom elements are glowing I’m also going to order an ohm meter so I could check that. would it be a bad idea to keep using the kiln on full power during the last segment even tho it’s not reaching the correct temperature? Because my glazes seem to be coming out beautiful on that cycle. the bottom looks a bright red and I never got that before! The colors aren’t dull like they usually are. if It wouldn’t be a good idea to use it on cone 5 or 6, ca
  8. @Bill Kielb I just turn my kiln on to 500 and nothing is actually glowing when I first got this kiln I got a number from the paragon website for a kiln specialist. I originally contacted him about venting the kiln because I always thought that was the problem. I’ll try contacting him again about the worn elements. Not even sure if anyone will come out during this pandemic but maybe once this is all over.
  9. I don’t know if I’m supposed to pull the elements out to see it because I can’t really see them from inside the kiln. I think it got close to cone 5 on full mode because my glazes still came out good again. @neilestrick @Bill Kielb
  10. @Bill Kielb @neilestrick hey guys! So I woke up early this morning excited to check the kiln only to see it’s still getting the ftl message
  11. @Bill Kielb I should’ve also mentioned that this is a discontinued kiln that’s probably why I got it at a bargain price lol others probably noticed it wasn’t up to par. as of right now, I have my kiln going on a schedule that includes a segment on full speed and another with a cool down. So I will keep you guys updated on how it comes out!
  12. This might be a dumb question, but how would I set the kiln to full power?
  13. I used the preprogrammed schedule for cone 5 on medium.
  14. @Bill Kielb oh and I did put the peephole back in! It probably went an hour without the peephole
  15. I don’t feel like I have used the kiln that often for it to be worn, but I did have it a few years before actually using it. I’d say I probably have around 20 firings on this kiln. I don’t know if all the elements have been glowing red. I did read that if I turned my kiln on and left the top open I could check it that way. So today I’ll try that.
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