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  1. Hi LinR, The flat ornament would primarily be intended as a tree ornament since we are trying to keep the size relatively small. But suppose it could be placed anywhere since we are not focused only on Xmas.. Hoping I can keep the thickness well below 1/2".. as I agree that at 1/2" thick, the ornament would weigh pretty heavy on a branch. Thanks for the good luck wishes !!
  2. Thank you for welcoming me! I can already tell I will learn so much from reading other posts & responses. I am so glad to have found this community! And, thank you to those that so quickly responded to my post. I so appreciate each of you taking the time to provide some wonderful feedback! "Brandon" - I am starting to read reviews now on each book you recommended... And thank you for the 'to-the-point' answers to each of my questions. "Liambesaw" - Thank you too for your input! These are open molds - I really hadn't considered using them as 'press molds' with clay...
  3. Hi, I am a total newbie to ceramics, but my daughter and I are excited to be starting this new adventure together! So please bear with me if my topic is showing such a lack of even the most basic understanding of how things work. We are planning on creating artistic 'flat' ornaments.. We do plan to 'bisque fire' & then 'glaze fire' our ornaments. (You'll probably hear from me again when we get to working with our Kiln!) I have been playing around with creating a few ornaments, and now have created a couple of plaster molds of my ornaments... I poured my slip (pr
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