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  1. Thanks everyone! I'm going to give it a go this morning for the first move. Unfortunately I have to make 2 moves with them before they end up at the studio... I will likely just have to make 2 trips, but such is life... I don't think I am going to invest in anything new for what will hopefully be a one time thing. I do have a bunch of plastic bags saved up so I will use those and see how we get on. Thanks again for your support!
  2. There are 8 of the large plates and 11 of the small ones.
  3. Thanks everyone for the tips... I'll give it a go to transport the greenware plates as flat as I can... I have a small car, no SUV, so I don't have a ton of room, especially for 20 plates laid flat, but I'll figure something out... may just have to make a couple of trips after all. One further question: Assuming I was able to put something very soft beneath the plates to absorb the shock, foam padding as Min suggested above, standing vertically would support it's own weight? For reference these plates were rolled out to about 1/4" slabs. Thanks again! Really appreciate the support!
  4. First let me say that I am still very new to ceramics. Given everything that is happening in the world at the moment (and personal issues)... The studio where I do my firing is closed till who knows when. Given my state of complete boredom I have created a full set of plates (large and small) plus cups (a total of about 25 pieces plus other things). Unfortunately I have to move all this stuff from one location to another BEFORE I get to move it to the studio in a couple of months. I am very concerned about traveling with all this stuff and would prefer not to have to make several trips. The clay I am working with is a Cone 6 stoneware. I found an interesting post somewhere online (www.potters.org/subject83331.htm) that discussed the idea of "pre-bisquing" the greenware in a regular oven. The idea being that it would make the greenware stronger for traveling. So I wanted to check with you all and see if anyone else had successfully tried this or have any strong recommendations on why I should NOT do this. The post said to put the greenware in the oven and set the oven on self-cleaning mode. I assume that after this was completed, it should be strong enough to safely transport to the studio later. Once at the studio, I would put it into the full bisque firing and then of course later fire to completion. Again, I have 30+ pieces that I do not think I should stack and would likely require multiple trips to move it all safely. Any advice would be appreciated. Thanks for your help and time!
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