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  1. Hi thank you for all the help! I’m still learning my KMT Skutt screen use to the old school non computer one. Right now I can only get it to pull up the graph I posted, but I agree that it looks like it took longer than 4 hrs. I started the kiln at 9 PM so maybe it is a reading for 4 AM. if anyone has any tips for getting more information off of your KMT Skutt touchscreen please let me know
  2. Hi! I was running a cone 5 glaze with my skutt electric kiln and forgot to turn on my enviro vent. When I realized it was already finished and at 500F. I have the KMT so was able to see a graph of the firing which looked fine, but it did fire in 4 hrs instead of the regular 13hrs. What problems could this cause ??? Could this hurt my kiln for future firings? Vent is on now and another fan in the studio cause it definitely smells. Thanks!
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