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  1. Thank you so much @liambesaw@neilestrick for taking the time to respond. I have changed the thermocouple and have the kiln circuit to be checked by an electrician but it still overfiring. I am planning to change the controller and see what happens. Thank you all so much and Happy New Year!!
  2. Hello everyone, I have bought a second-hand electric Rohde 5024 Kiln (230V) and a TR 305 controller. I have done only 2 biscuit firing at 950C and noticed the pieces were almost vitrified; our mocal clay is rich in iron oxide. I recently did a slow glaze firing at 900C and my work melted down, some kiln shelves are distorted and even broken by the heat. The kiln electric plug is stick to the wall socket.Do you have an idea of what has happened? The whole situation is devastating as I live in West Africa and do not have potters, technicians or manufacturers who know ab
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