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  1. Yeah, that's what I'm doing. Literally right now at my desk, hah.
  2. Yes, that is probably it. Thank you for taking the time to read and respond to my post. I really appreciate it. Poor ole bat pie plate. Alas. I may just make another one. I learned a lot makign this one and now I know how to do it quickly.
  3. Hi everyone, thanks for taking the time! I'll try to respond to things 1.) No, I didn't use plaster. 2.) To be perfectly honest, I don't remember if this was some clay I had reclaimed from my own fresh bag or fresh clay straight from my bag. 3.) It wasn't very dry when I actually created the sgraffito. It was leatherhard/at the perfect stage of drying. Actually, this was my best sgraffito'ing I've ever done. Le sigh. 4.) I totally could have slapped on the Amaco Underglaze too thick. I DO tend to get "paint happy" and I should have more patience between coats. It's very easy to just paintpaintpaintpaint 5.) I do water underglaze down as needed. Perhaps it needed to be watered down a bit more. It was kind of creamy. Underglaze has always been odd to me. What consistency SHOULD it be? The same as cream and regular paint? But the biggest question I have is to Old Lady....What do you mean that underglaze isn't meant to go out without glaze. Don't many people use underglaze on their bisqueware in order to do that method of sgraffito? How would you have gone about this project? How would any of you?
  4. https://imgur.com/a/UOSkElv I recently got a batch of some sgraffito bisqueware back from the kiln (I do not operate the kiln, someone else does). I painted black underglaze onto leatherhard 06 clay. For the first time, I used Amaco Velvet Black (in the past, I'd used Speedball). There were some mugs, some earrings, small plates, etc. wit sgraffito. Several of the items had chips in some places, especially my bat pie plate. I've never had this happen before. Was it me? Did I just make the underglaze too thick in spots? Was it a kiln thing? The person who operated it did seem...distracted that day. But I can't see it being the kiln. Is there any hope if I dremmel it and then paint black underglaze (thinned and wih real drying between). Or should I dremmel it and then just use my black matt underglaze on all portions except for the bottom of the pan which luckily did not chip off at all. Also, I broke off a piece of the handle I think I will attempt paperclay that I just saw when searching about reattaching pieces. Finally, I asked a subreddit the same thing I'm asking here and someone said "Underglaze is not meant to be a coating" I can't tell if they meant "it's too thick" (e.g. coat versus cover and it's a matter of semantics) or if by coating they mean the amount of surface area I used underglaze on. But, lots of people "coat" or cover large pieces in underglaze to carve into. If it had been you, how would you have done this project?
  5. Thanks, Bill. I will hold on to this when I get to the point in life when I can make my own glazes. I'm very excited about this.
  6. Hello all! I am looking for a clear glaze that isn't super glossy or super cloudy for the exterior of some sgraffito work I've done. (Specifically, amacao black velvet on a white clay body but I use other colors and clays also). It seems like to be truly clear, it would have to be quite glossy. I do have the glossy Mayco SW-004 Zinc-Free Clear. I found this thread and this person was looking for the same thing, but I was wondering if anyone would be willing to share photo examples of using the Mayco SW002 or another Cone 6 appropriate product. https://community.ceramicartsdaily.org/topic/15438-clear-mattesatin-glaze-recommendations/?tab=comments#comment-117364 I know that trial and error and seeing it for myself is the best but I'd love to try some out on my next batch And no, I am in no position right now to make my own glazes. Life is crazy enough at the moment. https://imgur.com/37Thzey
  7. Thank you for checking! I emailed the ceramic shop but haven't heard back. Yes, I've made some other earrings and I made sure i made them bigger. At least this is a step up from where I made some earrings and forgot to put ANY holes in where I could turn them into actual earrings haha
  8. Roberta, thank you for your response. Do you happen to have an idea of what size guage wire this might be: https://www.theceramicshop.com/product/1641/bead-tree-rep-set-of-122wire/ I ask because it is the wire pieces that the bead/jewelry tree from Roselli uses and I have fitted my earrings onto this very tree yesterday and it was a great fit. I'd like to order the same size. i suppose I could just order the replacement wire that they sell. But I'd rather order a large roll and cut it to make the size I want.
  9. Hi! Yes, trust me I've been all over the ceramic shop. I've looked at all. I am just broke and for the time being can't order multiple racks. Eventually I do want to make my own, though! Good news: I went back to the woman who owns the clay supply shop here and has been a teacher. This time, I physically took my earrings, showed her photos. My earrings fit on her jewelry tree (which she got from the ceramic shop) and I explained to her what I hoped to do-make hooks to hang earrings from for this batch. I don't think it seems that complicated. She assured me I should be able to make order wire and I will be able to bend it into hooks and fire normal Cone 5/6 as we always do. I just need to call ceramic shop and ask what gauge wire it is that is used since I already know for sure that they fit the holes I have in my earrings. I think it is 24 gauge but I'm going to ask to be sure. I'll definitely update to let y'all know what happens. I hope they work out! I fell in love with painting little native plants.
  10. hey oldlady, eventually I'd like to make my own rack, yes. I won't get into the complicated reason why I can't do that for this firing but suffice it to say, I don't have the time to make my own rack, etc. for it this time.
  11. Background: I made oval earrings (oval shape with large oval cutout so they are more like an oval outline) (15 pairs) on the claybody Highwater Clays Little Loafers (Cone 6). I painted designs on them with Amaco underglazes. The tops of each have small holes (i'll put metal hoops them after they are all done). They have already been bisque fired. I also have three other pairs of earrings that have only small earrings. Goal: Now, I want to put a clear glaze on them and glaze fire them. Ideally, in one batch. What I have in my possession vs. what I could acquire. The clear glaze I already have is a Zinc-free Cone 5/6 glaze. However, I can get a different, low-fire clear glaze. I also have a bead rack I borrowed with some long rods that are too large for the small holes in the earrings. My question: I found this image online, in which someone made oval earrings very similar to mine and a bead rack with hooks. It appears they used kiln safe metal wire to make hooks. The hooks appear to be large but small enough to fit through small holes. I wonder what your opinion of that is. I'd have to figure out what gauge to get. A ceramicist nearby has a jewelry tree so I may take the bisquefired earrings over to her and try to see how they fit on her jewelry tree and that might tell me approx. the size wire those jewelry trees use and I could get the same gaugue, bend and make hooks out of them to hang on the rods. One potter has said this ^ should work if I order some nichrome or kanthal wire. They also think it would be fine to do with the Cone 6 clear glaze I have and would be fine to fire up to a Cone 6 (although we actually do Cone 5). Part of me wonders if I should just get low-fire glaze, try the hook thing, and low fire it to be on the safer side. Other solution: As I typed this, I just realized a possible other solution…1.) get a low fire brushable glaze, 2.) simply put rods through the large oval (taking care not to glaze the inside edge or anywhere where the rod will rest) instead of worrying about the small circles at all. It’s not as ideal but would probably hardly be noticeable. 3.) Fire at a low temp 04-06. That might work for the oval earrings but not for the winking eyes.
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