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  1. Hello, We have an old Lockerbie wheel we bought used probably 7 years ago. It's my favorite wheel to throw on but it has developed what was at first a squeak then turned into an earthshaking vibration when slowing down. I do not know the model number but it is some model previous to the currently sold model and any repair information I can find online. My wheel actually has an angled access hole on the shaft (threaded but never plugged!?!) and two lower hex bolts on the lower housing which appear to be the bolts that hold the shaft to the housing mounted in the concrete kickwheel. Ours is motorized but the motor mounts have been checked and tight and the rubber drive wheel is not engaged or touching concrete flywheel when the vibration happens. So far we have greased the upper bearings, 3 in one oiled the lower bearings through the angled opening in the shaft near the bottom, removed the two hex bolts on the housing the rod fits into and 3 in one oiled there as well. None of that has worked. Assuming the bottom bearings are shot we removed the bracket at the top bearing to free up the rod at that connection point, removed the lower hex bolts we assume are holding the rod in place at the bottom and tried to pull the rod out of the lower housing and it wont budge. We have sanded, 3 in one oiled and even used a dremel to the connection point but can not pull that rod out of there. We turned it over and there is no way to open the housing from underneath to expose bearings. I'm hoping the old beast isn't dead but I'm seeking the wisdom of any of you that may have a solution to get it functional and quiet again. Thanks for your help!
  2. Thank you ! I too was searching for an answer for my squeaky Shimpo. Now I dont have to feel intimidated to ask the question!
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