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  1. Thanks for the help everyone! More reading on the TS wheels raised concern with some of the unresolved screeching from the motors. It seems the rarity and not the rule, so I'm actually less concerned with that than the wait time, and my hope of being able to work sooner than later. It appears the TS wait would be significant, as they are more or less made to order. I can get the Brent now and I can't even look at a TS anywhere remotely near me, so I think I'm going to get my CXC next week. I know you guys have probably answered this question 1000 times, so thanks for indulging a newbie !
  2. A little background. I am new to this, just finishing my first class, totally hooked, and planned on waiting a year to start investing in a home studio. My local school has shut down in the midst of the Corona Virus pandemic with no end in sight. All work and supplies are being cleaned out over the next few days by appointment. I really don't want to wait months to throw again, so I think my timeline has moved up. My school has a dozen Brent C's, a CXC, and a few Shimpos. I only use the Brents. They are old and the pedals have terrible modulation, so the Shimpos are always occupied. Suppo
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