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  1. Thank you, everyone. I have never considered using a mender, only learning of them about a year ago. I am a recycler of or discard pots that don't work out. (The wabi sabi and not so bad ones end up in my house, or as testers). I have a student whom one of her bowls cracked slightly in two places. I thought about about trying a mender on it, not really knowing anything about them. I don't really want to use that approach so this feedback has helped make my decision. Learning to let go of pots and not get to attached is not a bad thing to learn early on.
  2. Tell me about menders (amaco, marx, spectrum, archie bray). Do they work? Is it worth trying for the repair of small cracks in thrown pieces or hand built such as where attachments are made? Which brand have you found to work the best? Thank you. Christina
  3. Neilestrick, Can you explain that more? What happens that it overwhelms the venting system? How do you prevent that? What does it do to the kiln? Does the newspaper burning off damage elements? I want to do a project with a student and thought I'd use newspaper for the form, but wanted to research this. I remember doing it sometime in the last couple decades....quite some time ago. Thanks!
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