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  1. @liambesaw thankyou! I will try this.
  2. @min well, I make my own decals with special decal paper I buy from Germany. I've reached out to them to double check all the recommended firing.. Mid fire to high fire is what they've told me.. I fire to cone6. I am interested in testing a commericialy purchased decal from Amazon though just to see.
  3. I have tested letting the pots dry for 24 hours after applying the decals and going straight into the kiln after applying. (I also upped my bisque from cone05 to cone04 because I thought of the moisture there as well). Maybe a slight difference is noticed if I let them dry but sometimes when I don't let them dry there aren't any blisters. I do use a rubber rib as well as a lint free cloth and a rubber roller to get all the air bubbles out. The occasional air bubble under the decal is not the same as the blistering. Thougt gh about oxides I use as well and the effect there. I do use cobalt oxide a lot in my glazes.
  4. Rockhopper- Yes, all over, not just on the decal. It even appears on the inside of the pots.
  5. Anyone trying out decals? I have been photoshopping my own artwork and then printing with a laser printer on "decal" paper that is then laminated. I use the "wet slide" technique with distilled water to apply to my glazed pots. I fire my bisque to cone 04 then glaze to cone 6. The decal fire goes to 1625F, very slow heat up, quick 20 minute hold at temp then a slow ramp cool. I've tried lots of different firing schedules but I keep getting these little blisters on my pots, not every time but more often than not. From all my experimenting I can't seem to find an answer to this. Fit? Glaze thickness? Temperature? All seems to be a factor, but nothing jumps out as the number one problem as I adjust one thing, get better results than the next time I fire I again have blisters. Any insight? Much appreciated! Dave
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