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  1. Thank you guys for all the input! I like the idea of breaking up the class period by doing the demo or just showing students extra tips/skills at the halfway point as opposed to the start of class which I usually do. I just hate being interrupted personally when I am working so I always tried to get that stuff in at the start of class. Work in progress critiques are also a great idea I think it will force a more intrinsic desire in them to create good artwork If all their classmates are going to look at it and talk about it. I know it'll be uncomfortable at first and a little bit of a learnin
  2. Hello, I teach high school ceramics and sculpture classes and have been for 3 years. Im used to teaching and running my classes as: introduce the theme, usually based on a handbuilding technique but students must do x y or z. Then I demo the technique provide the students with resources and let them work. Sometimes the project will take over a week so I will have full studio days where the students work for the whole class period on their project and I walk around and help the students and talk to them as needed. However my problem is I now teach in a school that has 85 minute classes and
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