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  1. Hi Min, I stopped using kiln wash a while back. It seemed to only be good the first couple of firings and then would start flaking off. It was a kiln wash mix from my clay supplier. It seems easier to grind the shelves than to repaint the kiln wash, and now I can flip the shelves and I've been doing it for a number of years. I do think that when the shelves get nasty, they reek havok on all my pots, not just bmix and porcelain.
  2. Hi Min, and thanks! Long time reader, first time poster. There is a 100% chance that something has contaminated my jar. I'll mix some pure tonight. (There are lots of plates to fire.) I use it for the bottoms of bmix and porcelain pots to prevent plucking. I used just lightest dusting this time. I sanded the bottom of my plate and still had to wash it off. I swear there are still faint brush marks on the porcelain. It's not residual glaze, but I had wondered if that was the problem.
  3. Hi all, this thread has saved my sanity and I have been using alumina hydrate for a while now. I don't normally wax my pots, so I just paint it on, mixed with water. Sometimes it can be difficult to totally remove the alumina after firing. I'm wondering if anyone has experienced this issue and has any suggestions. Thanks! Amanda
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