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  1. Thanks for all the information Jeff. It sounds like you could tell me what the tiles are made of but not where they come from. I would think that the information you could provide would be helpful if the tiles needed to be replicated?
  2. I live just outside of Concord. If you visit "the castle" you won't be disappointed. It's pretty cool.
  3. Well Tom I must say you went above and beyond the call of duty with your research. I will definitely use your resources to continue the search. Sorry about your insomnia. Thanks. PD Murphy
  4. Hi Tom, It is of historic importance. Do you have a source for where the analysis could be done?
  5. Hi Jeff, Interesting website, sure looks like what I was looking for. Would the analysis give me an idea of origin or just the elements in the clay?
  6. Wow! Thanks for all the responses. A little more info about the tiles. They come from the roof of "Castle In The Clouds" in Moultonborough NH. The exterior of the building is cut stone from Italy however the records concerning the roof tiles have been lost. I initially thought they were made here in NH but after learning about the imported stone I wondered if the tiles also came from Italy. I would be interested in learning more about crushing and testing. I would love to be the one to solve this mystery.
  7. The tiles are over 100 years old and there are no markings on them. Sure would make it easier if there were!
  8. I have some clay roofing tiles from a historic building. The origin of the tiles is unknown, possibly Italy. Is there any way they can be tested to find the origin? Thanks PD Murphy
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