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  1. @neilestrick i used this glaze recipe at 1205 ℃
  2. Hi guyz, Now i want to share a glaze recipe with you, If you want to transparent glaze on your pottery you can use this recipe, i showed a figure which body color is gray so its show gray color, if you applied it on white body it will look so gorgeous. Soda feldspar: 5% Potash feldspar: 31% Quartz: 30% China clay: 6% Calcium carbonate: 13% Barium carbonate: 4% zinc oxide: 10% Talc: 1% Try& share it.. #stay_home & stay safe from covid-19. Thank you
  3. Anyone have any idea about this glaze?Please share with everyone. Thank you
  4. @Min thank you, i will contact with them.
  5. @Min thank you,boron not available here, how can i improve with out boron??
  6. @neilestrick, thank you, Fired at cone 6, some color are already prepared, but did not get better shining.
  7. @liambesaw thank you, can you suggest me that how can i get pure glossy white glaze from this material?
  8. Hi,Everyone, its my 2nd post here, first post was about micro pin hole problem, which already solved, it was body material problem, i need some suggestion about mason stain color, i am using potash feldsper, soda feldsper, quartz, zirconium silicate,whitting,barium carbonate,talc, kaoline, zinc oxide on my glaze recepe, when i am trying devlop some color like CBL, MINT GREEN, orange color, i can not get appropriate result, how can i get appropriate result?? If there have Any suggestion please share with me, how can i devlope more glossy white& color base composition from this materia
  9. @Hulk actually this picture did not show accurately, there had thousand of micro pin hole, which Are not possible to capture, thickness of ware not matter here, if you have any idea you can share with me. Thank You.
  10. @Magnolia Mud Research thank you, already i tried to find out this orgin of problem, all type of product showed this type of ph, this is micro ph, if you see this with out extra light you can not find it, when light reflect on it You can see that all bodies have thousand of micro pin holes. Generally our firing temperature 1200 degree celcius, already increased temperature but same result, we had two kiln one is tunnel kiln &another is shuttle kiln i tried both kiln but same result, if you have any opinion about it you can share me.
  11. Hi, i am new here and also new in ceramics industries, recently i have finished my graduation on ceramics Engineering, after joining my first job i saw that there have main problem is micro pin hole on glaze which only show when light reflect on it. Already i checked something : 1. Test all material to find out problematic material but i do not find anything. 2. Checked firing temperature also but three had no problem also 3. We used in glaze, zirconium, zinc, k feldsper, soda feldspar, quartz, calcium carbonate, talc, china clay and cmc. how can i move on next
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