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  1. just heard from a classmate that we should have zinc which means that both I, and the ceramics assistant are blind. Either way Ill post the results of how my glaze turns out
  2. cause its supposed to be glaze experiment where were supposed to make our glaze, its not supposed to be perfect
  3. Thats a good idea, Ill let you know what I do when Im done with class or during depending on what goes on. Ill also show yall how it turned out when they come out of the kiln
  4. unfortunately the deadline is friday and I am flat broke, otherwise Id just go to the local ceramic place and do that
  5. the glaze was originally a gloss green with pink speckles, if the zinc was supposed to get rid of bubbles then what should I use instead to manage the bubble problem? Thanks to all of you for helping out btw
  6. Hey yall, I am a student and currently have a glaze making assignment for my class and I found a recipe that goes (in grams): custer feldspar 99 talc 63 silica 48 EPK 45 Whitening 36 zinc oxide 9 +22.5 titanium oxide 6 copper oxide black 6 copper oxide red I got through making most of the recipe and then found out we dont have the zinc oxide, is there something I could replace it with? I dont care if it ends up not being the color I want as long as it ends up as a high fire glaze. Im very new at this and have no idea what Im doing, please he
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