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  1. Do you have experience using these two clays? I have used the 181 for years, am intrigued by the lower shrinkage of the 182. How do they compare? Does .5 difference in absorption make a difference? 181, absorption 2.5 and 13% shrinkage. 182, absorption 3% 11% shrinkage, both fired to cone 6.
  2. Thanks Babs, I do not think I have ever used Mayco glazes. I checked on line and none match what I have. I will test them, but thought I could give the group a little better idea of what they might look like. this is from my teaching days, and I never used the Catawba Blue, but do have an example of the Shino. I appreciate getting a response. Thank you.
  3. I am trying to find out where I bought these glazes to get more info. I would like to give both bags to a small pottery group and if they like the glazes, they might want to get more. I have had them sitting in my studio for a few years, it is possible that the company I bought them from no longer exists. If you know anything about these commercial glazes, please let me know. Thank you.
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