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  1. hi Marian, Babs and Lee ... thank you for the welcome, and for your input. After weighing your input, and a discussion with the kiln tech at the community college, it seemed there was so little advantage to firing the 4 porcelain beads to maturity, that I decided to just fire them all in my small kiln at home, where I have my stands, and Kanthal wire, and will fire them with Cone 05 Amaco glazes. Silly me was dreaming of getting translucency, which was not going to happen :-) I'll stick with my existing Cone 05 white clays which has served me well so far for making beads. Again, thank you
  2. Hello everyone, I find your site tremendously insightful and factual, and this is my first post here. I'm a fairly proficient handbuilder and sculptor but have never worked in porcelain. I need to know whether these lentil-shaped hollow beads will fall flat in the highfire glaze firing, with or without glaze. They are slightly larger than a quarter in diameter, and thickness varies from 11 to 13 mm. A classmate at community college handbuilding class gave me the porcelain clay because I just wanted to see whether I prefer it for my hollow beads. They all have holes, not showing in pic. My con
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