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  1. Thank you all for the help! We are underway with the rehabilitation-- I'll post images once we are up and running. Thanks again! Best, Vanessa
  2. Afternoon Neil, Yes, almost exactly the same control panel as our other Alpines in the studio. Unfortunately we have had little luck trying to swap parts. We were able to ignite the pilots but the blowers, main gas, and solenoid seem to be inoperable because of a corroded electrical system. We have inquired for replacement parts but are not sure how successful as it's quite old. Inside is pristine, mostly having electrical problems. Has anyone had experience retrofitting the electrical to a newer system? Any tips/tricks are appreciated, thanks!
  3. Our college was gifted a Siegy front-loading gas kiln [Model No. unlisted] in which we are hoping to refurbish. We are in search of a hard copy or digital PDF of the operation manual, as we have been unable to locate one via Siegy Kilns & Equip. or online. Any help to get this kiln operational would be greatly appreciated! Thank you
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