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  1. Hi Yes spot on. I wanted to mix clay with straw to create a floor tile. I haven't read about the health problems associated with it i will look into that... Many thanks
  2. Hi all, thanks for replying, you've been helpful, My idea was to have an earthen floor/adobe floor but in tile instead of a screed. Why cant i use an earthen floor method for tiles and seal with linseed oil? Am i missing something?
  3. Great thanks for your advice, what about using a sealer like linseed oil?
  4. Hi all, I've purchased and read the practical potter book and read many articles online and i am still lost. I want to make rustic clay floor tiles for my kitchen, i have no access to a kiln. I have looked into air drying clay and clay mixed with paper, below i have a few questions if somebody could give some answers i'd appreciate it. 1. Would air drying clay be suitable for floor tiles in my kitchen? if so, which type/make of air drying clay do i need to use? 2. I've read about paper/straw added to wet clay which reduces wrapping and adds strength, could i use this
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