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  1. Thankyou for the recipe I used boric acid because very limited material is available here and boric acid is easily available flux.
  2. Hi Thanks for all replies My engobe recipe is Talc 40% Boric acid 10% Ball clay 40% Flint 10 % I use some commercial stains percentages i used is in between from 2 to 20
  3. Hey everyone ... I am doing my thesis and i am doing ceramics first time for my thesis .since i found this site is helpful can you guys solve my problem. Iam using engobe to color my terracotta ceramic pieces but unfortunately before applying engobe on my final pieces i tested some tile but the results were not very much in my favour i have applied stain color engobe on my tiles and fired them then i applied clear glaze on them but after second firing my stain color engobe was washed away under from clear glaze and terracotta body original colour is showing now. Can anyone help me t
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