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  1. With Etsy’s new policy of any item over $35 shipping for free it is nearly impossible to make a profit on larger items. I cannot sent a large bowl in a large box properly padded for free. Working the cost into your sales price does not always work as well if you are looking for more salable price points and taking into consideration the ever increasing fees on Etsy. I would look into local artist collectives, boutique shops and pop up shop collectives for outlets to sell your work. In 10 years on Etsy, I have sold the same amount as I would at one good art show or pop up shop. Selling your wares to shops would require your pendants to be on a chain or cord so they would be instantly wearable, but that would not take much to achieve. You would need to consider the highest price point you would think they could sell at, because the shops buying ‘wholesale’ from you would only want to pay ‘keystone’, or half of the retail price. You mentioned selling pendants at $10. I don’t think it would be too hard to add a necklace cord and make the ‘retail’ price $20 so you actually get the $10 you wanted. It would make you much more to sell larger quantities at once than to try and sell one at a time on line and pay the shipping & packaging cost, etc. This is just my opinion, but I have been making and selling porcelain pendants for 25 years, so I do have experience with this topic in particular.
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