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  1. That’s correct I’m in the US. I wish you well in your endeavors
  2. I don’t know how far along you are in this process of building a kiln . I have a 10 ft.³ alpine kiln With two forced air blowers. Is set up for Cone ten firing with reduction. The skill also has a hood system for it. It requires 7 pounds water column pressure of gas to run it. I also have a branch slab roller extruder bats shelving furniture. I want to let it all go for very reasonable. Give me a call if you’re interested Michael murphy 661-599-5180
  3. I don’t know if anyone’s interested but I have a 10 ft.³ alpine kiln 6 foot long Brent slab roller extruder mixers bats a lot of glaze and much more . I’m looking to move it quickly and cheap – all this equipment is in need of work. It has been non-operative for many years. My injuries are forcing me to let go of this equipment . In the 80s and 90s it was a functioning potter studio. I believe with the right person life can come back to this equipment
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