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  1. Hey Neil.  I was reading some threads and saw you have a 1500 sq ft studio.  Is your studio a membership studio or just a school?

    I live in Los Angeles and have gained an interest in ceramics from my sister, who runs a children’s ceramics program.

    As I dive more into the business of clay, I’ve learned that every membership studio is booked with a waitlist, so I am thinking of opening a studio.  In starting this process, I am trying to determine the cost of running a studio with a range of members between 70-150.  

    I’m in the exploratory stage and open to any and all help in determining hard costs associated with this. 

    Thank you for any wisdom you can provide!





  2. I am thinking of opening a members only clay studio, as all of them in my area have long waitlists and the demand is there. I haven’t found any recent threads on the operations costs or best practices associated with running a studio. Can anyone help me out by providing hard expenses associated with and any tips for this business? Thanks in advance for your help!
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