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  1. I've vented my kiln in similar ways before. Does anyone have issue with longevity of the fan? I had one before that ceased pretty early on in its life. Since then I've just moved towards a large a powerful window fan vent near by the kiln. It sucks 180CFM which is more than powerful enough to grab the heat and fume from the kiln. I don't have a picture. I've made a detailed build video here. Just trying to share a crazier unorthodox idea. It was much cheaper than your typical vent a kiln system. Thoughts?
  2. Do you mean any longer amount of ducting? I still get pretty good suction with just eh elbow, even though I reduced it from 8 to 6.
  3. Here is the venting system that I use. I made it myself and it was MUCH cheaper than a whole system. It works for kiln fumes and also for silica dust. It's basically just a through wall kitchen fan but it moves 180 CFM and you can add whatever piping you want that works for your studio goals.
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