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  1. @neilestrick thanks! I found glazy.org and already see that even 1% of cobalt is already too much. Will study this site for the start, it's the wealth of information.
  2. @Mark C.thanks for the answer! Is this recipe available somewhere online, or print only?
  3. @liambesaw thanks for the answer! So if I take any transparent glaze for the right cone, add 5% (?) of cobalt oxide and 5%(?) of iron oxide and then fire in reduction I suppose to get this speckled effect? I just love this black speckles effect on black grayish surface Which cone is it?
  4. it's just a loved hobby now, but who knows ...


  5. @Susanne.Very affordable fecral wires can be found on AliExpress searching: "fecral wire 15AWG," which is just about right thickness (~1-4 - 1.5 mm). Here are my the stand designs which proved to be convenient for a small kiln. It's high-fire chamotte clay with kaolin coating to protect from glaze drips.
  6. Just built my first simple gas kiln 

  7. I brought this piece some time ago from Japan and now trying to figure how it was made. What is this black speckled glaze? Are there any commercial analogues? Is it simply granulate added to a metallic glaze, or perhaps tenmoku glaze? And the top white glaze, was it fired to lower cone then underlying glaze? The two stay separate and don’t blend, while copper (?) running from the metallic base giving this bluish tint...
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