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  1. Well, I have plenty of grog that I can add. Lol. I am retired and I have taken this craft up as my thing to do. I don't have access to an electric kiln I guess until I make some pottery friends. The cracks are mostly fine but long, sometimes it makes the piece completely fall apart. My method for bowls is slab construction to avoid seams as much as possible, I changed from pinch pots or coil because I was afraid the problem might be my construction.
  2. Thank you everyone for your responce. The pieces were definitely broken ,not melted or hit/crushed. I'll bet it needs a pre-heat or simply just go slower when increasing the temp. I think by screening the clay it will preform much better next time. Raw clay has rocks, roots, and worms in it. What was I thinking!
  3. I have set up a primitive Wood burning kiln. It looks sort-of like a bar-b-q pit made of rocks and clay mud. I have a sheet of steel to cover it and a piece of tin to keep the heat in on the front. I have had two firings. Both times all pieces were lost! I build a pretty big fire with lots of hardwood coals and I keep adding wood for about 12 hours and then let it burn all night and check it in the morning. I recently purchased some cones, but I haven't had a chance to try them out yet. I suspect my fire is too hot. Any suggestions or reasons ? I am using wild clay from my property. It has som
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