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  1. It's prepackaged dry mix from Aardvark clay. I wonder if they could tell me what to add to change the recipe enough to make these all cone 6....
  2. If I could use up the last of my cone 10 glazes at a lower firing temp, I totally would. But for now I feel stuck.
  3. Hi all! Yes I usually fire to cone 10, with cone 10 glazes and cone 10 clay because that is all my old studio would allow. Unfortunately the workers at that studio were careless, constantly breaking pieces by dropping them, or losing them completely. As soon as another kiln became available I jumped at the chance to use it. I am trying to use up the high fire stuff I have before switching to a lower fire for good.
  4. Hey yall! I recently was given a kiln, the Cress E-23. I have never fired my own work prior to this time, opting to drop it off at a studio because I did not have the wiring for a personal kiln. I ran a successful bisque fire for the first time, and am wanting to do a glaze test this week. What is a good schedule for a cone 10 firing? Is it important to cool slowly? What knowledge can you share? The schedules I have found (though scarce) are like this SEG1 100/hr to 220 with a 1 hour hold SEG2 300/hr to 2300 with no hold SEG3 108/hr to 2361 with a 1 hour hold
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