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  1. Thanks for all the help! Okay I will either put it outside under my patio or inside the pantry haha!
  2. Last question! If I put linoleum into my own bedroom and kept the wheel there do you think it would be safe? It would be right next to my bed but there is a giant window and a fan so ventilation would be okay I suppose? I'd like to keep the guest bedroom simply as a guest bedroom.
  3. Do you think it would be safe if I put the wheel in a pantry? It has shelving too so thats good. Its pretty small however it would only fit the wheel and a stool its like 4 ft by 7 ft ish? Stripping the bedroom of carpet then putting down new flooring isn't a viable option for me...
  4. If clay got onto the carpet, how would I clean it? Like with just a sponge and water? I don't wish to create any health hazards with inhaling dry dust or anything like that. I have an area downstairs that has tile flooring, but is next to the living room - if I just cleaned with a sponge really really well after I used the wheel do you think that would be ok in terms of health? Yeah I don't think keeping a wheel in 110+ weather would be great either. thanks for the help
  5. Hi! New member here. I have taken a few years of classes at a local arts center, and have finally decided to purchase my own wheel and throw at home. I have been searching for an area to place my pottery wheel, and was leaning more towards placing the wheel outside (for health and cleaning reasons). I plan on either purchasing a Shimpo VL Lite or one of the Brent Wheels , and I was wondering how they would do in the hot Arizona weather, upwards of 100 degrees. I will definitely place underneath the patio though! I do have a spare bedroom that is carpeted and has no ventilation besides windows, so I don't think that would fare well either. One thing that I was thinking about is maybe buy a shed and put the wheel inside? I have no experience with this sort of stuff haha so if anyone could help that would be very appreciated. Have a great day!
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