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  1. View Arts Center is located just inside the Adirondack Park in Old Forge, NY. The area not only offers natural beauty in the form of lakes, rivers mountains, and also many options for family fun. Featured summer classes include: Introduction to Wheel with Marie Imundo July 1 - August 12 Mondays, 6pm-9pm Texture, Design, and Creativity: Handmade Tile and Sculpture with Rhoda Kahler July 25 and 26 10am-4pm Hand-built Leaf Dishes - with Wendy Seifried August 1st 10am-12pm Our full catalog of summer classes can be found at: https://indd.adobe.com/view/5571fe49-ae1a-4c6a-ab4e-58e10baf2523 Contact us at: 315-369-6411 Business Hours: Monday: 10am-8pm Tuesday-Saturday: 10am-4pm Sundays- 12pm-4pm
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