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  1. Thank you, all for the advice. My concern with the foam core risers is damage, but I'm thinking I may cover them with fabric or carpet, something that will not fray when cut, but the idea of having them fold up is great ( I have a photo tent that is completely collapsible with velcro on each side & that is a great product) I'm wondering if I should make table fabric and risers black, but I'm guessing I will have to paint them first to see how it looks. Thank you GEP for the table layout advice, I will try that, shoot a photo and repost to see what you may think. I have read your
  2. Newbie here! I'm struggling with setting up my first booth! Ugh! I make small sculptures that look best if seen at or about eye level. Folks have suggested pedestals or risers on tables. I've created some rough ones from foam core, but need to make sturdier ones from wood. Because my 'guys' are small I need some ideas to make them pop. Any suggestions are greatly appreciated. I would like my booth to look more like a gallery than a craft booth and I'm starting out with black fabric covered metal panels (better design for framed artwork). These are not sturdy enough for me to hang shelve
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