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  1. Thanks, that has been the concensus from other people I have asked. It's not an emergency. Thanks again.
  2. I just realized that when I cracked my kiln lid to start my glaze firing that the dial was set to high instead of low. For the first hour of my glaze firing I had the kiln on high temp instead of low... I saw that the pieces inside looked a little gray and any of the black glazes seemed really dark because the lid was cracked. I turned the dial to the low setting and left the kiln lid propped open. Is what I have done irreparable? I was going to revert to my original schedule. 1 hour on low, 1 hour on medium and then high until the cone bends. If you have any tips to h
  3. Hi Neil,

    I just finished a glaze firing to Cone 6 in my small manual electric kiln. I used Coyote Cone 6 glazes in a SNO Industries kiln. The kiln sitter tripped after firing 4 on low with lid slightly open, 4 hours medium, and roughly 4 hours on High. The small mug seemed to be leaking water, once I washed it it is holding my cup of coffee and not leaking at all. A larger vase I made is holding some water now but leaking and water is seeping out. 


    Can you tell me why some pieces seep water or don't hold water after being glaze fired?




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    2. eleanwa


      Hi Neil,

      Thanks for the tip, I hope to fire next time on that schedule. Should I get a box of Cone 7's?



    3. neilestrick


      What clay body are you using?

    4. eleanwa


      I purchased this clay from a company in Baton Rouge, Alligator Clay. The kind I am using is Mid Range 212 - Black Pepper.

      From their site:

      This is a relatively smooth, stoneware type clay, which may be fired at cone 4-6. When fired this clay is light brown with darker speckles. Good clay for throwing or sculpture.

  4. Hi, I just bought a used SNO Industries Model P11. The interior is 11 x 11". It didn't come with a manual, did yours come with it or did you find it online? I am totally new to firing by myself and would love some tips for getting started. Thanks!
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