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  1. Think I've sorted it. I'd need exactly the same process on green ware and it came out great. I did read that some underglazes dont work on high bisque as the cant bond. I'm guessing that was my problem. Thanks all
  2. Hi I mixed the underglaze 50g stain 37g general medium and added water till it was cream texture. Was only test so didnt want to mix loads. I fired it to cone 04 (1050 c) as it was earthenware and that's recommended by glaze supplier. In the kiln was some items using the same glaze with the same stain added to the glaze, they came out great. All the glaze peeled off totally. It was like the underglaze didnt react at all. I'm going to check the temperature for the stain.
  3. Very new to pottery and first time I’ve created and used a underglaze. Made at instructed stain,general medium and a little water to cream consistency. Looked great. Glazed over with brush on clear gloss. When it came out the kiln the glaze peeled off. Any help please
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