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  1. Water is only needed if you use a wet blade. When cutting tile with an angle grinder I use a dry or a wet/dry blade. I would agree with taping with using painters tape and then drawing your cut line on the tape. It's hard to describe the technique, but to avoid chipping, I like to score the top of the tile once over (not cutting all the way through), cut through the tile from the side you aren't keeping, and then grind away the excess until you have a smooth edge on the good piece. It takes some practice but it is possible to cut with an angle grinder in a way that any chips that form from the through-cut are on the bottom side of the tile. Good luck!
  2. You talk Spanish or only English? My friends probably may accept you for practice for some time. Whisper me if you still interested!
  3. From my personal experience trends and upcoming future, I advice you to learn basics with WORDPRESS and build your site on it. It's really quite easy (if you're not a total damb - then I advice to buy a site), no specific knowledge required, no coding or programming skills needed. Easy UX and admin site is not so hard as it may seems at first glance. You may find many courses online educating to build your own websites. The fees you need only for registering and maintaining your own domain and for hosting, they are quite low. Good luck!
  4. Hi! What exactly chemics you need, and when? Ur budget?
  5. Last time I looked Aussie Sapphire were selling them for about $5k. Which puts them in the vacinity of a VJ. I think the Graves is a little cheaper. Regards
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