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  1. Can I add glaze and glaze fire again?

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    2. Artebella


      Porcelain , slow bisque fire to 04 unglazed in electric crucible kiln, Matt commercial glaze two coats, food safe no lead,  liquid glaze brushed on, fast glaze fire to 6;   I am a bronze sculpture artist new to ceramic sculpture.   sculptures came out too light and uneven color, not attractive and can not be sold looking like this.    If I can fire again with the exact same glaze and get full cover with no clear or pale parts, that would save the sculptures.  

      All were completely room temp before glazed and returned to kiln for glaze fire.

      Thank you for your response

    3. LeeU


      Hi Artebella---my suggestion is add this as a new topic in the Clay and Glaze Chemistry forum. Use a title like Glaze and Refire so it will be clear and easy for people to respond. You will get good feedback and direction in that forum.  You can copy and paste the info along with your query.   Welcome!


    4. Artebella


      Thank you   for the suggestion.   I have a lot to learn about this.

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