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  1. Thanks Neil! I think I'll give that a go. Maybe experiment with come crackle glazes too
  2. Yes I could but I also wouldn't want her to think I was copying her work. I know how guarded glaze recipes can be. Thanks for your enormously helpful advice tho.
  3. Hey...I'm looking for a bit of advice. I would like to create a glaze similar to the picture I've attached. I would like to be able to get the blue and pink to blend to create a dreamy, sky-type appearance. I know the gold is gold lustre, it's the colours underneath I would like to have a go and doing myself. Would anyone be able to give me some guidance? Would I be able to do this with commercial glazes? Is it just a case of lots and lots of experiments and tests? Thanks in advance Picture credit - IG: @anotherseattleartist
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