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  1. Thank you. This is the best sight I have ever found for getting responses to questions.
  2. Ok. Well I made a committment and got a electric kiln. I think I did well. It's an older model Skutt KM-1027 for $100 plus the cost of one element. SO I did start throwing and had a new question. How and when to attach a handle to a thrown piece.
  3. Ok, I have a very important question. There are 2 used Kilns available on Craigslist. one is a Cress Skinner kiln LT-3K for $300, the other is a Skutt KM1027-3 kiln for $400. Any opinion on which would be a better choice. I know there are probably a dozen opinions but thought I would ask.
  4. The best thing is I already have a 240 V sub panel the previous home owners had installed for a large hot tub which is now gone.
  5. That is just what I needed to know. I am glad I found this site. You all have given me invaluable information today. My current KW cost is $.17 per KW. So from your formula , the cost per firing would be $16.49. with that KILN. I can do that. Especially in the winter when my electric use is cut by 2/3's.
  6. I meant the heat here in Arizona. Costs about $350 a month to cool the house to about 76F. Add a electric kiln I bet even doing 1 or 2 firings a month would double that.
  7. I am new to ceramic work and want to be able to do all the firing in a pit or other backyard type of home made kiln. I am trying to avoid using gas or electric power source. I am looking for advice on how to do a bisque fire and glaze fire with those limitations.
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