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  1. Thank you all for feedback! I really appreciate it and it has really set my mind at rest, so thank you all for that. I also agree with what LeeU said, I might give it a shot again, but much more sensibly and cautiously. Thanks all!
  2. Hi all! I have a silly clay newbie question. I was doing some clay work at home for the first time about a week and a half ago, and all was fine. Once I was done there was a lot of dried clay on the mats the next day, which I wanted to get rid of, so I put the mats in the shower and blasted them with the shower nozzle on the highest temperature. This worked well, and I didn’t notice anything amiss, until suddenly I found myself coughing a bit; I immediately stopped, and the cough disappeared within a few minutes. It hasn’t come back since, except for just a tiny bit of coughing on and off over the last week, which I think might be psychosomatic (since it tends to happen only after I remember the clay incident). There was a lot of steam, although it didn’t “feel” at all different; and I had had a serious cough a few weeks ago for totally unrelated reasons which hadn’t fully resolved by this time. However, I am feeling pretty neurotic about this, and what kind of damage could have been done. Let me be clear: I totally recognise how stupidly I behaved! And if I ever work with clay again, I’ll be much more sensible. But how concerned should I be here? This is the first time I've ever worked with clay, if that's relevant (and maybe the last!)
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