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  1. Hi, not sure how old this post is but I have questions regarding silver nitrate glazes and light sensitivity. Last fall I glazed a number of bisque fired pieces with a gold raku glaze (that contains silver nitrate) then my kiln broke down and I wasn't able to fire everything that day. My kiln is located quite a distance from my home so the kiln break down meant I couldn't fire on that trip --- flash forward to six months later. I'm about to go fix the kiln and fire at the end of the week. Those pieces from last fall have been sitting in a closed cardboard box for that long. The spots that had the gold glaze on them are now, as expected, dark brown. First question - I realize that the silver nitrate is light sensitive as it turns colour quite quickly but does that mean that it loses its effect completely? I read somewhere that even when it had turned colour it was still usable - that came from the internet - so it must be true LOL - Anyone have any thoughts/knowledge on this? My plan was to reglaze the pieces - just putting more glaze on top - then firing as usual. I figure if nothing else it will be a grand experiment. It would be great if I could engineer it enough to end up with something sellable though. So the questions... Should I try to remove the old glaze? I'm worried that if I try to wash them then the old glaze will get on the whole piece instead of just where I put it and make a bit of a mess of things. Should I try to scrape it off? Is it worth the persnickety work that would be? If there's any good advice out there - I'd love to hear it. Thanks in advance Anna
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