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  1. I haven't done any firing in months. Some of my small containers of glaze have dried out. Is there any way to reconstitute them? TIA
  2. So would you say low fire is more porous therefore not as strong?
  3. Is high fire clay stronger and more mold resistant than low fire clay?
  4. New to ceramics and have a few questions. I currently have been working with ^04 bisque and ^06 glaze and low temp clay. I have lots of low fire clay and prefer to use up before getting any more. I mainly make large beads for macrame hangers. I am now making orchid hangers and want to know if the low temp clay unglazed will be a problem. I prefer for the hanger to hold some moisture much like a clay pot. I will also be glazing the edges and probably doing a decorative glaze stripe/coloring on the body leaving much of the hanger unglazed. My concern is low fire vs high . Pros and cons wi
  5. My Cress kiln did the same thing. I called Cress and spoke with Arturo. He said to turn the speed control knob around a time or two. Worked like a charm. Thumbwheel rotates now. Now that's rocket science! Lol
  6. Thanks for quick reply! I fired manually for about another 1 1/2 hours before cone bent. Can't wait to see it in the morning after it cools.
  7. More info: it's been firing for about 8 hours.
  8. Bisquing at 04. Kiln sitter switched off. Witness cone still erect. Low fire on slow setting. Small kiln not filled. Should i manually continue to fire until witness cone bends? TIA. Jane
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