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  1. I had a similar issue. I placed an order online (and received an order confirmation the same day). Nine days later, I noticed that I hadn't received any shipping confirmation. So, I emailed BigCeramicsStore asking about the status of my order. Their auto-reply (laughably) says that they respond within 24-hours or less. Four days later, I still hadn't gotten any reply, so I followed up again. Another four days after that, I still hadn't gotten any reply, so I followed up again. Another day after that, I tried calling them twice during their posted customer service hours. Both times, an automated message said the office was closed and to call back during business hours (even though I had), and hung up on me. Then I saw that they had posted a few hours prior on Instagram, so I wrote a comment on their Instagram post to the effect of 'if you have time to post on Instagram, maybe you should take the time to respond to customer calls/emails.' Within just a few hours, they had deleted my comment. So, apparently they have time to sanitize customer criticism online, but not to actually provide customer service. What a total scam operation. I'm disputing with my credit card company. Don't order from these guys. Updated to add: After repeatedly calling/emailing them to no avail, I publicly called them out on their BBB/Facebook pages. Only then did they finally respond to me via email, only to tell me that all the items I had ordered were out of stock. Delightful. Glad they finally replied, but you shouldn't have to publicly shame a company into providing rudimentary customer service.
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