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  1. I trimmed some pots that were slightly unevenly dry, and now the outside surface is unevenly textured. They're smooth in spots, but groggy and gritty in others. Is there anything I can do at the greenware stage to homogenize the surface?
  2. Just a quick update...leaving the lid completely open for the first couple hours (as the manual suggests!) solved the problem. The manual also says to make sure surrounding areas are covered with asbestos. I'm gonna ignore that suggestion.
  3. This is my first experience with this forum, and it’s been very positive. Cheers. I’ll check back in after some more fiddling in case anyone finds this thread helpful.
  4. Anyone ever use a standard kitchen oven to dry out a pot before you put it in the kiln (couple hours around 180)?
  5. It is indeed a single infinite rotary knob that controls the temp. Although, I am seeing a consistent increase in temp through the full travel of the knob...so I don’t *think* it’s faulty. One thing to note: I found the manual, and it says to leave the cover completely open during the early stages of a bisque firing. Seems inefficient, but perhaps that’s required for this kiln.
  6. The test pot that blew up was thrown in 2015...so it was about as dry as it was going to get.
  7. Cool. I’ll try another test pot with the lid all the way open. Thanks.
  8. Thanks for the reply. I did have the lid cracked about 3 inches during the low and medium part of the fire...perhaps I should try again with the lid opened more. Is there anything wrong with doing the candleing with the lid all the way open? I have to shave off some major degrees.
  9. I just bought an old manual kiln (SNO Industries, 15"x15" inside, kiln sitter), and it seems to work well. Perhaps too well. I bisque fired a single pot as a test (2hrs low, 2hrs medium, high until 05 cone bent), and the pot broke during the firing. On a hunch, I used an oven thermometer to check the internal temp with the dial set to the lowest temp, and it said 400f. Isn't that too high for the lowest setting? I'm assuming that the lowest temp should be lower than 212, to allow water to leave the pots without breaking/exploding? I'm new to this, so any advice is appreciated.
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