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  1. Thank you all for your responses! I greatly appreciate the feedback as well as suggestions. I am able to get a mixer a pug mill. But I am open to the fact that it may be better for me to just buy bulk wet clay as some have suggested. I do have a small room that I would dedicate specifically to mixing clay and glazes with adequate ventilation so safety is not the main issue here. I should have also specified that I didn’t fire the same stoneware at two different temperatures. I meant that I have used stoneware when firing at cone 6 and 10. I have two electric kilns and would like to focus more at cone 10 because that is what I have done the most with and am used to. For those suggesting that I buy bulk wet clay, are there any national suppliers or those local to Wisconsin that you would recommend? And what clays from those suppliers would you recommend starting out with?
  2. I took ceramic classes in college and loved it. I quickly became good on the wheel and that is my primary focus, however I also sculpt. I had the pleasure of working with multiple different clays. I primarily used stoneware and porcelain but occasionally earthenware as well. The stoneware I fired at cone 10 and 6 and porcelain at cone 10. I would consider myself a beginner as far as mixing the clays because I never had to do it and all the clay was made for us. I would like to mix my own clay bodies at home because I assume it’s cheaper than buying pre-made clay and I also will have more control with my preferences. I really liked stoneware and porcelain and wondered if anyone had any good recipes to share and advice to get me started. Like I said I mostly do wheel throwing (mugs, plates, bowls, teapots, etc.) I have the capabilities to fire up to cone 10. Thanks to everyone in advance!!
  3. I took pottery in college as a hobby while completing my degree. I loved it so much that I have slowly been trying to put together a home studio. I would like to get a pug mill/mixer so that I can mix my clay from scratch (dry components), reclaim used clay, and use the de-airing features to save time and work. I am looking into the Peter Puggers, specifically the VPM-9SS and the VPM-20. Is the stainless steal worth the extra money (in the case of these two it would be $100 extra) and a smaller hopper? Or should I go for the bigger hopper and $100 cheaper with the VPM-20. Though I have thrown on a wheel and sculpted for years I am somewhat new to this piece of equipment and any information would be appreciated!!
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